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Corporate Overview


In our more than 100-year history since our founding in 1919, we have continued our passion for manufacturing, and have contributed to society by providing products that support people's lives while cherishing our strong beliefs as a manufacturer.

The current socio-economic situation continues to be unstable, and the industrial structure of the automobile industry and other industries is entering a new phase. As the business environment surrounding our company is constantly changing, we believe that excellent forward thinking that can accurately capture the trends of the times, such as changes in people's thinking, lifestyles, and trends, will be an important base for our company.

In the future, major innovations will be required in business operations and technological development, but our group of employees will work together to ensure that we continue to make progress one step at a time. Looking ahead to the next 100 years, we will face reality and realize sustainable growth and transformation through our business activities to solve social issues based on the basic philosophy of
"To Give Attentive Consideration to Both Humanity and Nature",
aiming for development into a prosperous future.

Corporate Philosophy

  • To act with pride in how we stand today and look forward to the future.
  • To give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature.

Management Principle

  • To contribute to society by supplying goods of high performance, high precision and high quality.



Corporate Overview


  Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.
Established October 10, 1919
Capital 8,150,251,031 yen (March 31, 2021)
Employees Employees 4,271 (Non-consolidated: 729)
(March 31, 2021)
Shareholders: 4,571 (March 31, 2021)
Authorized Shares: 130,000,000 shares
Issued Shares: 32,604,198 shares
(March 31, 2021)
Stock Listings: First Sections of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Shortened Form of Name  Mitsuboshi Belting
Lines of Business
  • Power Transmission Belts and related products
  • Conveyor Belts & Systems and related products
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Engineering Structural Foams
  • Waterproof and Water Shielding Sheets
  • Metal Nanoparticles Related Products

Board of Directors
(June 29, 2021)

Chairman Hajime Kakiuchi
President Hiroshi Ikeda
Members of the Board

Yoshio Yamaguchi
Masayoshi Nakajima
Toshimi Nakajima
Keiji Mataba
Ryuzo Miyao
Shinya Okuda

Corporate Auditors Kenkichi Masuda (standing)
Yoshio Okushima
Yasuhiro Tsuji
Jun Tanaka


Executive Officers
(June 29, 2021)
Executive Officer
Hiroshi Ikeda

VSenior Managing
Executrive Officer

Yoshio Yamaguchi
Senior Managing 
Executive Officer
Masayoshi Nakajima
Executive Officer
Toshimi Kumazaki
Keiji Mataba
Vice-Senior Managing 
Executive Officer
Takashi Sasaki
Shinji Kuramoto
Toru Shimomura
Managing Executive Officers

Kazutoshi Ishida
Kazuhiro Takeda

Executive Officers

Toshimi Kumasaki
Naotsugu Morita
Akihiro Nagata
Nobuyasu Nishikawa
Isao Ideguchi
Masaru Matsui


Hiroshi Ikeda

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