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Synchronous Power Transmission



GigaTorque GX

Our GigaTorque GX was developed for the highest power transmission capabilities. Due to the high tensile carbon fiber, special H-NBR rubber compound and PTFE-treated fabric this belt can even replace metal chains. Furthermore, the GigaTorque GX offers lightweight and a low-noise design.


MegaTorque EP

Brand new versatile tooth profile! The GP tooth profile combines the advantages of H tooth profile with high torque transmission, and S tooth profile with smooth meshing, low friction and noise.


MegaTorque GII / GII P

By using a special cord and rubber compound the transmission capacity of our MEGA TORQUE GII is significantly increased compared to our MEGA TORQUE G. This highly specialized timing belt also allows for narrower designs.


MegaTorque EX

Our MEGA TORQUE EX timing belt is required for precision machinery and similar applications that are frequently starting and stopping. This high grade belt is suited for conditions where high position accuracy and damping properties are necessary.


MegaTorque G & U

Our MEGA TORQUE has enhanced power transmission capabilities compared to our SUPER TORQUE, which allows a compact layout due to narrow width of belt and pulley.


Super Torque G & U

This rubber timing belt with STPD tooth-profile smoothly engages the round tooth shape. Our SUPER TORQUE have a variety of tooth pitch and size variations available. This belt is versatile and has an excellent product availability.


H Series Timing Belt

This belt can be used as an alternative for chains and gears.


Timing Belt G

This synchronous transmission belt eliminates the problems of chains and gears. Extra small pitch types fits well with precision equipments and information devices.



Timing Belt U

With its high abrasion resistance and less rubber dust dispersion, polyurethane timing belts are suitable for use in places where clean environments are required.



Freespan™ Belt

The FREESPAN™ Belt is a polyurethane timing belt which consists of thermoplastic polyurethane and steel cords. This belt type is suitable for synchronous transportation and power transmission which requires an accurate positioning, such as automatic door systems of elevators or industrial robots.



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