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Demanding Applications

Unmatched Performance in Challenging Environments

When it comes to agricultural applications, the demands on drive technology are unparalleled. Every component must withstand high stresses due to the unique service conditions. That's why Mitsuboshi's premium quality drive belts are the ultimate solution, ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation while preventing any unexpected machinery breakdowns. As the efficiency requirements of agricultural machines and components continue to rise, Mitsuboshi remains committed to providing the market with top-notch, innovative products that exceed expectations.

Combine Harvestor


Introducing the SUPER WEDGE II, our breakthrough belt for heavy-duty applications requiring high torque transmission and shock load resistance. Engineered with a special chloroprene rubber mixture, aramid cord, and unique cover fabric, this belt is the most robust choice for crushers and shredders. Its innovative fabric allows for slippage during shock loads, preventing damage to the power train. With our exceptional production process and arched-top design, our belts offer unparalleled durability for your application.
Conventional V-belt Banded
Conventional V-Belt Banded (B. C, D)-2
This belt is the top choice when it comes to power transmission. With a vast array of options available at dealers across the country, obtaining one of these belts is incredibly convenient and hassle-free. These belts are widely utilized in various applications, ranging from industrial machinery to automotive engines, providing seamless transfer of rotational motion and power. Banded V-belts are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 ribs. They may be used in match sets for drives requiring more than 5 belts.
Maxstar Power Green (AK, BK)-1
Engineered with the essential qualities needed for agricultural machinery, including exceptional impact and bending resistance, as well as durability against reverse bending and high temperatures. A special clutching cover reduces friction and heat buildup while aramid tensile cords reduce stretch and provide extraordinary strength and durability. Special high-modulus rubber, designed to support the cords to create even tension distribution, reduces downtime with minimal re-tensioning.
Super KB (3LK, 4LK, 5LK)2
The SUPER KB belt sets a new standard in durability, effortlessly handling heavy shock loads, making it the perfect choice for tasks that require a lighter touch. With an innovative design that incorporates aramid fiber in its tensile cord, this belt offers unmatched stability and delivers superior horsepower. Tailored for smooth clutching and backside idler applications, the SUPER KB belt is engineered to thrive in harsh conditions, from extreme temperatures to exposure to oil.
Need assistance with designing a belt for your specific application or would you like to receive a customized offer? Contact our dedicated sales team today.

MBL (USA) Corporation manufactures and distributes power transmission belts for original equipment and service parts in the automotive, recreational, and industrial markets.

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