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Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. is a renowned leader in the field of power transmission belts, excelling in innovative and high-quality solutions for industries worldwide. Leveraging decades of expertise, we offer a diverse range of power transmission belts meticulously designed to efficiently transfer power between mechanical components. Our portfolio encompasses V-belts, timing belts, variable speed belts, and more, tailored to meet the specific demands of various applications, from automotive systems to industrial machinery. With a steadfast commitment to technological advancement, precision engineering, and rigorous quality control, Mitsuboshi Belting ensures that our belts not only deliver optimal performance but also contribute to enhanced operational reliability and energy efficiency for our customers.

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A synchronous power transmission belt, also known as a timing belt, features toothed profiles that engage with corresponding teeth on pulleys, enabling precise power transmission and accurate timing between shafts. This design is commonly used in machinery and systems requiring reliable motion synchronization and efficient power transfer.

Timing Belts


Friction Forced

A friction-forced power transmission belt, also known as a V-belt, has a trapezoidal cross-section, commonly used to transfer power between rotating shafts through friction with pulleys. Its design enhances friction by fitting into V-shaped grooves on the pulleys, making it suitable for moderate torque applications in vehicles, industrial machinery, and other systems.

V-belts    V-ribbed Belts    Flat Belts    Rope Belts

By Application

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Mitsuboshi agriculture power transmission belts are durable, resistant to outdoor conditions, and capable of handling the demanding workloads associated with farm machinery.


Mitsuboshi supplies belts for a range of applications in OEM and aftermarket, including accessory drives, camshafts, oil pumps, water pumps, steering systems, and automatic sliding doors.

Heavy Duty
Bus Engine

When it comes to power transmission belts for commercial vehicles, durability and ruggedness are essential qualities. These belts need to withstand high loads and operate for extended hours.

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Mitsuboshi belts ensure smooth and reliable operation of various machines like conveyors, industrial machinery, processing equipment, agriculture, mining, automation, printing, and more.

Lawn & Garden
Tiller Crop


Mitsuboshi belts are used in a wide variety of gardening tools, such as ride-on lawnmowers and tillers. We offer a comprehensive product range of reinforced high-duty belts.

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Mitsuboshi manufactures high-quality CVT transmission and timing belts for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and scooters, ensuring a safe and sporty driving experience.

MBL (USA) Corporation manufactures and distributes power transmission belts for original equipment and service parts in the automotive, recreational, and industrial markets.

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