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Lawn & Garden

Efficient and Reliable

Enhance your lawn and garden maintenance

Mitsuboshi power transmission belts have become integral components in a wide array of lawn and garden applications, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. These high-quality belts are extensively employed in lawn mowers, garden tractors, and other landscaping equipment, effectively transferring power from the engine to various cutting and operational components. Their exceptional durability, resistance to wear and tear, and superior flexibility enable smooth and consistent power transmission, allowing gardeners and landscapers to maintain pristine lawns and gardens with ease. Whether it's the blades of a lawnmower or the belts driving garden tillers, Mitsuboshi power transmission belts play a crucial role in ensuring that these outdoor tools deliver precise and consistent results, making lawn and garden maintenance a smoother and more productive experience.



FHP V-belt
FHP V-belt (3L, 4L, 5L)-1
Ideal for light-duty, fractional horsepower drives, this high-performance solution is perfect for drives equipped with a backside idler. Its external wrapping not only guarantees a smooth and whisper-quiet operation but also minimizes vibrations to enhance overall performance. With exceptional heat and oil resistance, this remarkable product is also static conductive, ensuring ultimate reliability.
Super KB (3LK, 4LK, 5LK)2
The SUPER KB belt surpasses FHP belts in withstanding heavy shock loads, making it ideal for lighter-duty tasks. The belt incorporates aramid fiber in its tensile cord for added length stability, providing greater horsepower than light-duty FHP belts. It is specifically designed for smooth clutching and backside idler applications and can withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, oil, and cracking.
Maxstar Power Green (AK, BK)-1
Engineered with the essential qualities needed for agricultural machinery, including exceptional impact and bending resistance, as well as durability against reverse bending and high temperatures. A special clutching cover reduces friction and heat buildup while aramid tensile cords reduce stretch and provide extraordinary strength and durability. Special high-modulus rubber, designed to support the cords to create even tension distribution, reduces downtime with minimal re-tensioning.
Conventional V-belt
This belt is the top choice when it comes to power transmission. With a vast array of options available at dealers across the country, obtaining one of these belts is incredibly convenient and hassle-free. These belts are widely utilized in various applications, ranging from industrial machinery to automotive engines, providing seamless transfer of rotational motion and power.
Designing a belt for your application?

We have a team of skilled engineers ready to assist you in creating a custom belt for your product. Get in touch with our dedicated sales team today to explore the possibilities and gather more information.

Need a replacement belt?

Looking for a replacement for your worn or broken belt? No worries! Visit your nearest co-op hardware store today and ask for a Mitsuboshi belt. Want to carry Mitsuboshi belts in your store? Please reach out now to our sales team.

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