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Innovative Solutions

For Rigorous Requirements

Mitsuboshi provides a diverse selection of innovative solutions tailored to address the rigorous requirements of industrial engineering. Whether applied in automation, crushing units, or within cement mills, Mitsuboshi products have a global reputation for exceptional quality and extended durability. In the mechanical engineering sector, the demand for custom-designed solutions is frequent, ensuring dependable and efficient performance.

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Synchronous power transmission belts, also known as timing belts, feature teeth on the inner surface that engage with grooves on the pulleys, providing precise and slip-free power transmission. They are commonly used in applications requiring accurate timing and positioning, such as robotics, printing presses, CNC machines, and automotive engines. These belts are made from materials like rubber and reinforced with fibers for added strength. They offer precise motion control, require low maintenance, and are efficient in power transmission. However, proper alignment is crucial, and they may not be suitable for applications with high shock loads or extreme flexing requirements.

Friction-forced power transmission belts are essential components in machinery, transferring power between rotating shafts. Crafted from durable rubber or synthetic polymers, these belts are widely used in conveyors, HVAC systems, and agricultural equipment. With their flexibility and impeccable design, they ensure a seamless flow of energy, enhancing productivity and efficiency. They offer a reliable solution for transferring power in demanding environments and are trusted for their ability to withstand friction and tension. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of machinery. As a backbone of industrial machinery, they continue to evolve and meet the ever-changing demands of modern industry with exceptional performance and reliability.

Direct-connected power transmission couplings directly connect two shafts to transmit power without intermediary components. They provide a solid link between driving and driven shafts. There are two types: rigid and flexible. Rigid couplings have no relative motion or misalignment, while flexible couplings accommodate misalignments and reduce shock and vibration. Used in various industrial applications for reliable power transfer, they offer high efficiency, simple design, and precise transmission. Proper alignment is crucial, so choose the appropriate coupling based on torque, speed, misalignment tolerance, and environmental conditions.


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MBL (USA) Corporation manufactures and distributes power transmission belts for original equipment and service parts in the automotive, recreational, and industrial markets.

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