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Heavy Duty

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Ensure smooth operation with Mitsuboshi belts

Power transmission belts play a crucial role in the smooth operation of large gasoline and diesel engines, serving as the backbone of heavy-duty machinery in automotive manufacturing, maritime shipping, and construction equipment sectors. These belts are meticulously designed to withstand extreme torque, heat, and operational stress, ensuring seamless power transfer from the engine to other vital components. Whether it's V-belts, timing belts, or V-ribbed serpentine belts, these components are built to endure the demanding conditions of heavy machinery, delivering unparalleled durability and reliability even under substantial loads and high temperatures.

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Raw-edge Cogged V-belt

  • Proven cost-effective design that is the preferred option on many applications.
  • Optimum flexibility provides greater heat dissipation which insures longer operational efficiency.
  • Variable spacing of cogs provides improved belt performance by reducing noise and tension decay.

Raw-edge Cogged Banded

  • Popular on trucks, agricultural units, heavy equipment, and other applications where large gasoline and diesel engines are used.
  • Cogged design provides an area for air circulation further reducing heat build-up and providing greater flexibility.
  • Laminated construction of the bottom fabric reduces noise in the drive that is inherently loud.


  • Combine the benefits of flat belt flexibility with the power transmission capability of the V-belt.
  • Proven reliability on drives with or without automatic tensioners.
  • Rubber compounds are formulated to reduce noise caused by humid conditions and worn pulleys.

Double-sided V-ribbed

  • Provides the ultimate in belt design for use on today's modern engines where space and weight are critical
  • Accessories can be driven from the top or bottom side of the belt enabling compact designs.
  • Top or backside ribs are capable of handling high load accessories.
Need assistance with designing a belt for your specific application or would you like to receive a customized offer? Contact our dedicated sales team today.

MBL (USA) Corporation manufactures and distributes power transmission belts for original equipment and service parts in the automotive, recreational, and industrial markets.

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