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OHC Timing Belt

OHC Timing Belts offer numerous advantages over chain and gear drives: greater efficiency, reduced weight, quieter operation and fuel savings. Stable, high tensile strength synthetic cords resist shrinking and stretching. Constant synchronous power is assured with precision molded teeth that perfectly mesh with pulley grooves pitch, width and length. Special materials assure durability and performance in a hot and oily environment.



Durability, performance, and reliability in tough engine environments.

Tensile Cords

High tensile strength fiberglass or aramid cords resist stretching and shrinking.

Facing Fabric

Wear-resistant fabric protects the tooth surface and keeps frictional loss at a minimum.

Meshing Sound Pressure
Compared to a chain, our test results showed reduced sound pressure by up to approximately 25%. Engine speed at 2500 rpm.

Torque Loss

Our test results revealed torque loss reduction of up to approximately 30% compared to chains. Engine speed at 1000 rpm. 

OHC timing belt application
*X Series Timing Belts are available in standard CR and premium HNBR grade rubber.


Please contact us to request more information about our product and how it can work with your application.


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