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Raw Edge V-belts

Flexible, fabric-free raw edge v-belts are used in the engines of automobiles, trucks, buses, and construction machinery. Ideal in harsh load fluctuation and high-temperature environments, these belts have excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and deformation resistance.

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Raw Edge Plain V-belt

Direct exposure of special rubber to the pulley provides high friction force resulting in increased power transmission.



Raw Edge Multi-ply V-belt

The structure of this belt is similar to that of the Raw Edge plain belt. However, this belt is designed to reduce noise by applying several fabric layers to the bottom surface.



Raw Edge Cogged V-belt

A cogged bottom belt structure reduces the energy loss caused by bending. As a result, it fits small pulleys and gives stable performance at high speeds.

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Wide Angle Cogged V-belt

Wider angle (52°) than the standard type. Cogged profile allows improvement of bending fatigue resistance.


Top Fabric

Strong, wear-resistant bias cut fabric designed for protection without loss of flexibility.


High tensile strength, pre-stretched polyester cords for reduced stretching and constant tension.


Reinforced with fiber chips to provide high coefficient of friction, wear resistance and greater flexibility. Insures a smooth and even transfer of load forces to the cords.

Bottom Fabric

Crack resistant, highly flexible fabric is impregnated with oil and heat resistant rubber compound. Laminated construction insures a strong bond and reduced noise.

Rubber Sides

Eliminates slip and maintains a positive contact with the pulley grooves for constant, reliable energy transfer.

The side of the belt has a rubber-exposed structure, which provides a large gripping force and high transmission capacity.




Constructed with multiple layers of fabric on the bottom. Prevents excessive gripping of the belt and pulleys and suppresses pronation.




Cog-shaped bottom of the belt improves flexibility. Longer service life.




Wider angle (52°) than the standard type. Cogged profile allows improvement of bending fatigue resistance.




Symptoms for Replacement

When you find any of the symptoms shown below, replace the belt. It is recommended that you replace the idling pulley and/or tensioning pulleys at the same time.

Bottom cracks
Under cord separation
Sidewall cracks
Chip of bottom layer


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