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V-ribbed Belts

V-ribbed belts combine the benefits of flat belt flexibility with the power transmission capability of the V-belt. V-ribbed belts provide the ultimate in belt design for use on today's modern engines where space and weight are critical. Rubber compounds are formulated to reduce noise caused by humid conditions and worn pulleys. Proven reliability on drives with or without automatic tensioners.



Accessory Drive V-ribbed Belt

RIBSTAR V-ribbed belts have the advantage of both V-belts and Flat belts, this is ideal for high speed rotation with a small pulley. In addition, low elastic tensile cord, special rubber and the unique structure of the V-shape rib all contribute to high power transmission.

Dual Star V-Ribbed-1


V-ribbed on both sides

Double sided V-ribbed belts provide the ultimate in belt design for use on today's modern engines where space and weight are critical. Accessories can be driven from the top or bottom side of the belt enabling compact designs. Top or backside ribs are capable of handling high-load accessories.

Star Fit 5PK674web

Star Fit®

Low Modulus V-ribbed Belt

Standard v-ribbed belts require a tension pulley, but Star Fit® V-ribbed belts use tensile cords with a low modulus of elasticity, eliminating the need for a tension pulley. Since the tension pulley is no longer needed, the system can be lightweight and space-saving. 


Top Fabric

Flexible, bias-cut fabric is impregnated with oil and heat-resistant rubber to eliminate wear and cracking.

Adhesion Rubber

Cords are enclosed in an oil and heat-resistant rubber compound with strong adhesive qualities for maximum cord support and long life.

Tensile Cords

High tensile strength aramid or pre-stretched polyester cords ensure high horsepower capacity and constant belt tension on spring tension systems and locked center drives. 

Rib Rubber

Rib rubber is reinforced with fiber chips and heat-resistant rubber compound for wear resistance and reduced noise.




image_OEM_RS_low-modulus-belt_material_en (1)



V-ribbed belt application.

Symptoms for Replacement

When you find any of the symptoms shown below, replace the belt. It is recommended that you replace the idling pulley and/or tensioning pulleys at the same time.

Rib Cracks
Rib torn off
Cord delamination
Rib bottom cracks
Cord popped out




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