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Timing Belt U

Polyurethane Trapezoidal Tooth

Timing Belt U

High abrasion resistance

Minimal rubber dust dispersion

Light-duty transmission

High precision

Smooth and quiet

Double-sided available

Polyurethane timing belts, renowned for their exceptional abrasion resistance and minimal dispersion of rubber dust, prove ideal for applications necessitating clean environments. Mitsuboshi Timing Belt U excels particularly in light-duty transmission demanding heightened precision. These belts are well-suited for paper feeding, eliminating the risk of contaminating contact surfaces. Their flexibility allows seamless operation in small-diameter pulleys, ensuring smooth and quiet performance. Additionally, their made-to-order system accommodates the production of custom configurations.

Material Polyurethane
Cord (T80) Aramid
Cord (XL, L, T5, T10) Steel


Heat Resistance +90°C / +194°F 
Cold resistance -30°C / -22°F
Max belt speed 30 m/s
Electric conductive Yes













Please contact us to request more information about our product and how it can work with your application.

Design Manual

Provides comprehensive guidelines and instructions for creating effective and efficient timing belt systems.

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